Themosis Framework for WordPress Developers


Themosis Framework for WordPress develpers is a tool that helps the WP developers of all levels. But it is ture that this is not the framework in the true sense of the word as all we know. Actually it it’s an API which works within WP on any level. A set of APIs means the Themosis framework.

The WordPress Components and PHP Format Plugin

It is used to create WordPress components the PHP format namespaces, classes as well as anonymous functions with Composer support. Originally it is an MVC powered Laravel WordPress plugin itself.


Themosis Framework is installed along with the installation of a standard or the latest version of WP. We can install Themosis by using Composer which can manage all dependencies. It is suggested to install Composer globally rather than locally.  Follow the Instruction to install it:

  1. First of all open Terminal or Console
  2. Run the command: Composer creat-project themosis/ themosis my-project-name.
  3. It will help to create a directory as “my-project-name” on your system.

Then the latest WordPress including Themosis Framework with it’s dependencies will be installed automatically.

Why Themosis Framework for WordPress develpers

It helps to write other plugins. It also has added some extras for built in WordPress support. But remember with the better knowledge of php and WordPress you will be able to work with it easily.


It will help you to develop websites and web applications faster using WP. Using a graceful but simple code syntax, Themosis framework makes you able to build structure and organize your code. It will allow manage properly and develop your WordPress websites as well as applications. Themosis framework also uses “modern” PHP features. These are similar to anonymous functions. It is a mix between WordPress better practices and able to do with a typical MVC framework. As WordPress developers, you will be happy by getting definition and you will be provided with more features to project in a very short time.

Trying it out

To try it bring out, you can use some sorts of way to get a Homestead Improved box up and running. After that just register a new website with:

– map: bookstore.local

to: /home/vagrant/Code/themosis_example

Remember it is necessary to add the bookstore.local alias to your  hosts file as explained in the Homestead Improved Tip.

Copy the repository as follows

git clone themosis_example,

Then visit http://bookstore.local:8000 in your host’s browser to get to the procedure of installation.

Features you’ll love…

Fine tuned routing

WordPress routing system is as steroids. So you should take control of about your routes and simply manage the behavior of your W.Press website or application.

Better templates

The Scout engine can be used. a Laravel Blade engine fork can be used with extra controls for WordPress that provide you to write files of less cumbersome template view.

Composer ready

To build an ultra modern WordPress stack Composer can be used. Install and update your third-party of packages and use them within seconds.

Stay true to WordPress

The Themosis Framework for WordPress develpers performs like a dream with all WordPress APIs including plugins. So you can begin with the right away a new application as well as favorite tools. Hope you like it.

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