If written content is the king of the online world, subsequently design and creative coding is unquestionably the king of the kings! Thanks for visiting pixiefy.com, the place where we live life, peacefully breathe in, think about creative coding and dine and relax. Yes, it’s all fun! We’re enthusiastic about design and coding and on the top our creative code gives life to the design. In addition, when it comes to anything and everything about design and coding, we are always in. We design and develop high quality HTML and bootstrap templates and themes. Not to mention, we and our products are 100% responsive to any digital device. Certainly, our objective is always to talk about the most recent ideas, helpful hints and methods with regard to web designers and developers. In a nutshell, if it is applicable to design and coding, we’re extremely interested!

Pixiefy is definitely an extraordinary site to get 100 % free and amazingly useful resources. You’ll discover here 100% free one or multipage 100% responsive HTML and bootstrap templates and themes with trendy style and fantastic UI/UX. Certainly, our innovative designers and outstanding HTML and bootstrap template developers are working consistently to produce premium quality 100% free one or multipage full responsive HTML and bootstrap templates and  themes to elevate your business interest to a different level. Whenever you want, you can download and install our one or multipage responsive HTML or bootstrap  templates and themes without spending a dime. Just remember one thing, if you want to remove our Pixiefy name and logo on the footer, just let us know and we’ll customize it according to your own name or logo by paying only a very little amount of money, very simple!

Our main target is to build website themes and templates with cool, catchy and trendy design, 100%  responsive layout, minimal outlook with clean design. We have provided crystal clear guidance in the code and read me files along with the themes and templates if you ever need to customize our templates and themes. Individuals with absolutely no programming proficiency are able to use those themes and templates without any difficulty. At this point, absolutely yes, they can easily develop their web sites independently.

Pixiefy’s one and only motto is to design and develop even more one page catchy web templates since this is the revolutionary craze within the web development world now a days. Ultimately we are planning to concentrate on advanced creative designing and developing to develop simple but completely resourceful HTML and bootstrap templates and themes for your business purpose.

Developing websites for quite some time has gifted us an understanding for the hard work and time it requires to develop stunning sites. Furthermore we comprehend the worth of utilizing themes or templates to quick-start the planning & enhancement procedure.

Our principles

When we finally launched this particular targeted market place, we would have liked to convey an advanced level worth focusing on three root principles we believed were significant. These particular key principles designed the way we get the job done by our team and the way we generate much of our preferences.

Excellent quality

Each and every themes or templates move through a comprehensive evaluation strategy. Furthermore we must have the absolute design standard, nonetheless in addition we search through the code of each theme or template to make sure that absolutely no flaws really exists. Be assured that every single theme or template displayed on our marketplace is appropriately checked out by our professional squad and deserving of being utilized in your upcoming dream project.

Exceptional help and support

Indeed, we put a wide range of value on providing fantastic client help and support to make sure our marketplace works effortlessly. Any individual who sends us a mail will get an answer within just 24 hours, however, oftentimes within an hour and this magic responses made us favorite to all of our clients.

Our main aim – Online Community

Without having this astounding online community of sellers and buyers, this marketplace wouldn’t normally exist. Just about every sites we develop and every single choice we come up with is with the objective of strengthening our online community as well as presenting further benefit to our buyer and users.

Merging amazing designing idea along with nice and clean coding is obviously fascinating and tough. We constantly try to maintain every thing described and well-organized to go through smoothly. We would really like to hear your own experiences about our resources. Furthermore, we are encouraging you to let us know about any of your creative concept with our team – what type of themes or templates you want or perhaps there may be any annoying bug in our design or coding!

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