Our Pixiefy power team has composed this Privacy Policy that allows you to experience our solid customer loyalty to assist our valuable users and clients more effectively with what significant information we accumulate about users as well as what would happen to those important information. The accompanying clearly shows Pixiefy’s data collecting as well as arrangement strategies.


Simply by acknowledging the following Privacy Policy you particularly agree to our usage and revelation of your very own important information in the way recommended within this Privacy Policy. And this specific Privacy Policy is certainly integrated into and additionally dependent on the terminology of the Terms and Conditions. Most significantly, based on the specifications of pertinent local legal system, we make every effort to provide you with a disciplined collection of privacy measures.


Information And Details We Accumulate:


Incomparable Important Info(Non-Personally)

We on auto-pilot keep track of specific details depending on what you do on Pixiefy making use of cookies together with other digital devices. Pixiefy make use of these important information to get internal analysis on our users’ statistics, likes and dislikes, and additionally thought patterns to comprehend precisely plus assist you with our very own online network. And these particulars may incorporate the web page link that you simply originated from (no matter whether this particular website link is on our very own webpage or maybe not), precisely what web browser you actually are surfing with, including your IP information.


Individually Recognizable Information And Facts

Our most important main objective, when it comes to accumulating sensitive information is always to deliver you accompanied by a sleek, effective, not to mention personalized practical discovery. This permits Pixiefy to deliver expert services and additionally positive aspects that almost definitely meet your requirements.


Pixiefy only compile these types of sensitive personal information and data that is definitely essential for you to utilize our professional services. This particular personal data consists of(however is not limited to) user’s full name(first and second part of user’s name and also third part if there is any), subscriber mailing information, postal/zip code, current email address, personal financial related information, and various other private information required to gratify legal law specification and requirements.


As a matter of fact, with respect to our privacy policy, no matter what, we will never ever sell, distribute or simply lease just about any of your personal sensitive information in regards to you to virtually any 3rd party website.


Your each and every bit of private data will undoubtedly be saved and even kept on our very own advanced and highly secured server. Due to the fact we clarify down below, we certainly will store and additionally transfer your personal information in an exceedingly secure and safe, dependable and on the top in highly regarded atmosphere.


Our Access and Utilization of Your Sensitive Details

Our distinguished newsletters as well as other corporate and business promotional e-mails will most likely be mailed to you from Pixiefy. All of our prospective subscriber have the alternative option to remove him/herself from the list within the e-newsletter whenever they want and on the other hand they are even able to re-subscribe at any time without paying a dime just like the old times.


Our Revelation of Your Information and Personal Data

Because of the present days established regulatory atmosphere, we simply are unable to make certain that your complete incomparable private data files will under no circumstances end up being unveiled in such a way not as precisely explained within this Privacy Policy. One example is (without any restricting and additionally aforementioned), Pixiefy may be pushed to share your personal sensitive information to the state and federal government and additionally to the police force.


Security and Safety

Pixiefy always deals with any of the user’s information as a valuable resource that needs to be insulated from damage and simply illegal trespassing or log on. Our company employ the service of a number of security and safety methods to give optimal protection to such information from unwanted admittance simply by members outside and inside Pixiefy. Having said that, “absolute protection” does not really exist on the web but we will do our to best to protect every bit of information and we will keep doing that!

Significant Notification

Pixiefy may amend this Privacy Policy every once in awhile determined by your feedback and then our requirements to precisely represent our records gallery and simply revelation procedures. Whenever we attempt to modify our site’s privacy policy, we positively will write-up those modifications in this article, or/and we’ll let you know the Privacy Policy customization time and date underneath.


This privacy policy was initially last edited on 8th November, 2015

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